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The Remedies Story

Before Daniel released his first deck - the Madison Players - he already printed his King of Diamonds on the back cover of one of his books. I was so impressed by the drawing that I started to draw my own face on the King of Diamonds as well. 8 years later we release Remedies Playing Cards. What a great story…

Devilry by Daniel Madison (2012)Devilry by Daniel Madison (2012)

Yes ok, are you right. I probably skipped some details. A few things happened in the meantime.
I was busy to design and release 10 Black Roses decks and I designed over a half dozen of the most iconic Cardistry decks in existence. The usual things. You are welcome.

After Daniel reviewed my Innocence Playing Cards on his YouTube channel the idea for a collaboration slowly came up. It took us almost 1 1/2 years, several concepts and designs until we were finally happy with the result.

Remedies Playing Cards

I am a huge fan of the first Madison decks. It was interesting to see how everything stepped away from standard with the custom courts, the colors and the minimalistic design. I have seen how all these custom decks have been released for the first time. It was an exciting time. The custom playing card industry was in its infancy. The simplicity of the Madison decks is also reflected in my Black Roses. It is not a secret that these cards were a huge inspiration for my decks.

With this little prehistory you can probably understand a bit more why I am so proud about our Remedies. This is a new era. We brought something special back with the current zeitgeist where it belongs to – the USPCC. This is more than just another deck of cards for us and I am sure you can see how much work, time and energy we put into this deck.



Much love and thanks for reading.



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