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Black Roses Hotel
Black Roses Hotel Playing Cards - Black Roses Playing Cards
Black Roses Hotel

Black Roses Hotel

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Experience a little journey through time with us. On the way to your hotel room you stroll through the hallway with the striking repetitive wallpaper pattern and the thick, soft, green carpet.
Vivid colors blend with glamor and style, a chic hit as you arrive at your room surrounded by a disco vibe.
An intense fruity room fragrance rises to your nose. A ctr tv stands in the corner with it's pristine wood finish.
The robust desk in front of your bed gives you a written welcome and remembers you that breakfast is served every day from 6:30 am to 10:00 am at the central dinning room on floor 1.
You take place in a green armchair. A pastel box in the middle of the leaf pattern coffee table right in front of you catch your attention.
The writing on the side of the box tells you these are the Black Roses Hotel Playing Cards.
The two roses on the front which also create the back design combine simplicity and elegance on a new level.
You break the blue stamp seal to open the deck. Customs pips, indices and court cards spark your enthusiasm. The attention to detail raise your expectations to other playing cards. Premium crushed paper stock, traditional cut and Air-Cushion finish make you think these cards come straight from the future.

Casino playing cards flair of the 70s meets a striking modern color scheme.
The finest quality by the US Playing Card Company give the deck a long life durability.


Premium Crushed Paper Stock.
Traditionally Cut.
Limited to 3000.