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Gold Gilded Black Roses V1

Gold Gilded Black Roses V1

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Gold Gilded Black Roses V1

Limited to 200 gold gilded decks with as gold tear band.

"The BEST marking system in a deck I've seen that was creative as well as diabolically deceptive."
- Justin Miller

"My new favorite marked deck! Very clever design and looks beautiful at the same time."
- Nicholas Lawrence

"They have become my everyday carry for spontaneous astonishments straight out of my pocket."
- Illusionist Farid

"The marking system is so simple and yet so devious."
- Magic Orthodoxy

Magicians and mentalists watch out! Reading minds hasn't been this easy for what felt like an eternity with the fully marked reader backs of the Black Roses Playing Cards. Easy to read yet deceptively well hidden in the floral design.

The deck comes with a rich and intricate back design, inconspicuous for any layman, several reveals for your magic routines, a double backer, an unmarked 2 of Diamonds duplicate, one way faces and a fully marked reader back. Printed on premium thin crushed paper stock with traditional cut - the highest quality that the US Playing Card Company has to offer.

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