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Innocence Infinity Cut (PRE-ORDER)

Innocence Infinity Cut (PRE-ORDER)

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Innocence Infinity Cuts

These decks are made by intricately carving playing cards, then stacking and layering them to create a 3D shadowbox, which is brought to life with an infinity mirror. A piece of art which is mysterious when dark, and dazzling when illuminated!

Each order contains: 1 x "Innocence" deck turned into a 3D shadowbox, containing holo and non-holo hand-carved playing cards, with LEDs and mirrors. Comes with an accessible battery pack (on the back) and on/off switch.

Each piece is 100% handmade.

Infinity Cut

Skyler Hoffman is an artist and collector from California. He has been intrigued with the possibilities of a deck of playing cards since he first discovered magic as a child, and he has been cooking professionally for almost just as long. This art form allows him to combine his knife skills with his love for playing cards.


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