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MxS Casino Uncut Sheets

MxS Casino Uncut Sheets

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Uncut Sheet of the MxS Casino Playing Cards by Madison x Schneider

Limited quantity!
The sheet measures approximately 26" tall and 22" wide (66 cm x 55,88 cm).

All profits of the MxS Casino uncut sheets will be donated to help the citizens of Ukraine.

"stelp e. v. | supporter on site" is a civilian aid organization from Stuttgart, Germany which supports with a network of volunteers, partners and sponsors where the need is greatest. They are committed to a world in which all people can live self-determined lives in dignity and security and can shape their future sustainably through their own efforts.

With several trucks, packed with everything that is necessary for life, they already drove from Germany to Ukraine and a second round is already being planned.

You can follow and see what they do on Instagram:

We have no doubt your donations are in good hands with them.

Needless to say, I'll post the PayPal transfer receipt publicly on Patreon. Depending on how fast you support, this can be very soon already.

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