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Daniel Schneider Signature

Daniel Schneider Signature

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Daniel Schneider Signature Details

This is the second edition of my signature deck in the boldest possible color for this back design. The deck was available first as add-on in the Black Roses Edelrot Kickstarter campaign. The deck idea is very close to my heart. It was the first idea that I had for a back design in 2013/2014 before I designed the first Black Roses Playing Cards.

The first black edition came out in 2020 as add-on deck in the Blue Magic Kickstarter campaign. It became the fastest sold out deck of mine. Nevertheless, the deck had to put up with a lot of ridicule for its simplicity. This deck is a statement and it should show you that you can do what you want against all odds. We are just two small signatures away from a blank back and that's exactly why I love this deck so much.

Instead of two Jokers, you'll find two more gaff cards in the white Daniel Schneider Signaure deck.

- Limited to 1000
- Completely custom front and back
- Hidden one-way faces
- Classic (Bicycle) paper stock
- Traditionally cut
- Duplicate Kind of Diamonds
- Double backer
- Mirrored 5 of Spades
- Printed by the US Playing Card Company

Signature deck

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