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Fantástica Playing Cards by Carolina Cabedo

Fantástica Playing Cards by Carolina Cabedo

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Fantástica is my tribute to the circus, that magical place where I discovered and fell in love with the art of magic. It’s the place where I learned to love the audience, to act with respect and dedication to bring a smile in the audience faces, especially in kids, and leave them with a sense of wonder.

There is no words that can describe what the circus and magic means to me, but I can tell you this, this wonderful arts have made my life fantastic and now I want you to share that passion with me with this beautiful and limited edition playing cards, designed by Daniel Schneider, a dear friend that shares with me the principle of respecting your craft and deliver excellence.

Welcome to my magical life, welcome to Fantástica.

Carolina Cabedo

Fantástica Playing Cards
Fantástica Playing Cards Details

- Limited to 1000 decks
- Numbered seal sticker
- Premium (Bee) paper stock
- Traditionally cut
- Air-Cushion finish on the cards and tuck
- One way face cards
- Hidden revelations on the courts
- Manufactured by USPCC

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