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Private Reserve Remedies

Private Reserve Remedies

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Private Reserve Remedies

The Private Reserve Remedies is a limited print run just for our private use. But those who really want them should also get the chance. With other words, we don‘t even want that everybody get them.

Through the price the value also rises. We’ve spent a lot money on production and a lot extra hours for all changes on these Private Reserve Remedies and now we give it away for free with every brick order. Nobody has to spent 4x the same price of a regular deck.

The paper stock and feel of the deck is exactly the same quality of the regular Remedies. It makes no sense for us to make one deck not as good as the other one. You also get the high premium quality from USPCC that we all love. Premium Crushed Paper Stock, traditionally cut.

So now you may wonder what the difference is to the regular deck. Imagine we would have changed the color. Just two clicks. One click on the tuck and on click on the back design and nobody would ask why the deck is more expensive.

However, we changed so much more on the faces and on the tuck box. This took us hours but we wanted to remain the color. We also knew another color would sell faster but that‘s not really the goal in this case. With the Madison x Schneider brand we luckily have the freedom to do what we want and love and the Private Reserve Remedies are one result of it.

With the Private Reserve Remedies you'll get a more minimalistic tuck box. The back of the tuck is completely red and a 'Private Reserve' text is written on top of the box.
We changed a few court cards and added some new little details onto the courts which makes them unique. You'll also find a 'Private Reserve' text on the Ace of Spades.

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