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Redrawn Arrco Face Templates PDF DOWNLOAD

Redrawn Arrco Face Templates PDF DOWNLOAD

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Redrawn Arrco Face Card Details

Arrco faces cards are a nice alternation from the standard playing cards faces.
Those Arrco faces that you know from custom playing cards are all from the same source and you receive them for free.
So why paying for the redrawn files?

These redrawn Arrco faces will make your work easier and your deck will look so much better.
All uneven lines and all asymmetrical objects on the court cards got removed. The pips got reshaped so that everything looks really clean and smooth.
You'll notice the difference immediately.

If you already know the Arrco faces that everyone is using, you know how difficult it is to change any detail on these court cards.
The Queen of Hearts, for example, consists of over 1300 different objects. Complicated layers which overlap and can cause trouble during print.
My redrawn court cards have four layers. One for each color. No overlapping objects and everything is 100% symmetrical. It can't get easier.

It took me over eight hours to redesign each court card. Over 100 hours of work went into the redesign of the Arrco faces.

The benefits of these files and why they make your deck better:

  •     Sharp and clean lines
  •     Courts in the extact same size with uniform sized frames
  •     100% symmetrical mirroring
  •     Layers separated by colors
  •     No overlapping layers
  •     Easy to edit

With this purchase you receive a vector pdf file the with all 52 poker face cards.
You are allowed to use and edit the files for your own deck.

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