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Redrawn Standard Face Card Templates PDF DOWNLOAD

Redrawn Standard Face Card Templates PDF DOWNLOAD

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Redrawn Standard Face Card Templates

Yes, you get vectorized standard playing card templates from every playing card company. So why paying for something that is available for free?

Court Cards have a long history and they changed over the centuries in every new deck. With digitalization, this progress seems to have been lost since everybody is just using the standard face card files from a printing company without putting any effort into these cards.

Over the years Daniel Schneider got templates from a few playing card companies. They all have their pros and cons but they all have something in common: uneven lines, asymmetrical objects, courts which vary in size, complicated layers which overlap and can cause trouble during print.

Daniel has redrawn every court card to eliminate these problems.
It took him 6-8 hours to redesign each court card. In total with all number cards far over 80 hours. Time that was necessary to make these cards to the best standard face cards that you can find online.

The benefits of these files and why they make your deck better:

  • Sharp and clean lines
  • Courts in the extact same size with uniform sized frames
  • 100% symmetrical mirroring
  • Layers separated by colors
  • No overlapping layers
  • Improved court card hand drawings
  • Easy to edit

With this purchase you receive a vector pdf file the with all 52 poker face cards.
You are allowed to use and edit the files for your own deck.

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