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Red Remedies

Red Remedies

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Red Remedies details

It's time to celebrate the USPCC comeback of Daniel Madison. The series of some of the most iconic playing cards continue with the 'MADISON X SCHNEIDER Remedies'.

A reminiscence to the beginning of custom playing card designs with a modern twist that is already visible when you take a look at the first card, the Remedies Ace of Spades.

The new look and feel runs through the entire Remedies deck. Improved custom pips and indices, new custom faces and hidden secrets on the court cards.
Daniel Schneider also redesigned Daniel Madison's iconic King Diamonds, that you see from now on in every new deck of cards.
The Remedies Playing Cards are printed on USPCC's premium crushed paper stock, traditionally cut. These features give the Remedies the highest possible quality standard of a modern deck.
Madison and Schneider both like to be the Kind of Diamonds. The only logical answer was to add another King of Diamonds as duplicate to the Remedies.

An Angle Z gaff card also comes with the deck. With this gaff you are able to perform a real miracle that you can hand out to the spectator as a souvenir.

Remedies features:

  • Manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company
  • Printed on Premium Crushed Paper Stock
  • Traditionally cut
  • Custom front and back
  • Angle Z gaff card


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